About Us

AVG is a second-generation, family-owned appraisal company founded in 1977 by Len Beliavsky. Since then, we’ve grown to include multiple offices, an expanding team of professionally trained appraisers, research analysts, and support staff.


In the middle of World War II, a young boy named Len Beliavsky arrived on Ellis Island with the American dream alive and well in his heart. Migrating west to California in the 1950’s, Len began a career as a field right-of-way agent for the California Department of Transportation. By 1966 he was working on many of the valuations needed to build the Southland’s freeways.

Len settled in San Pedro, CA, and in 1977 started his business, “Appraisal Services.” Through hard work and an ever-expanding service offering, he grew his business from a one-man shop to a small regional appraisal firm for the Los Angeles area. By the 1980’s, Appraisal Services served much of California.

As the business grew, Len put his 16-year-old son, Jack, to work. Len taught Jack the ins and outs of the business from field work, inspections, to sitting and waiting at the one-hour photo shop while photos developed (remember those days?).

A true family business, his son quickly learned the adage that “work never sleeps.” In the smile on his father’s face, Jack saw that hard work and serving customers was both the best way to grow business and to build a deep sense of professional satisfaction.

After graduating from UCLA in 1991, Jack officially joined Len as a partner at Appraisal Services. With Len’s declining health in the late 1990’s, Jack assumed more control over the family-run operation. While the mix of the “old school” dad and “new technology” son was at times a challenge, it did provide a strong basis for understanding the entire process of appraisals, consulting, and how to expand the business to better address the customer’s needs.

In 2003, with Len’s sad passing, Jack inherited the business and renamed the company Pacific Appraisal. He steadily grew the firm in size and scope, and in 2013, the company expanded into Alexander Valuation Group (AVG). Under Jack’s leadership, AVG has grown from a handful of loyal clients to over 7,500 clients served as of 2020, becoming one of the most respected real estate appraisal firms in the area.

About Jack

Jack resides in Southern California with his wife and three children. In continuing Len’s work, he strives to honor the memory of a man who came to America with a dream, raised a family, and built a business. As the years have passed, the lessons his father taught him about hard work, good service, and fair pricing while going the extra mile to build professional and lasting relationships resonate daily in Jack and AVG.